R+ is the business if you’re looking for a fantastic anti-ageing serum. Look no further than this amazing ingredient-driven clinically proven product, made right here in the UK.

💎 1% retinol serum – vitamin A derivative 
💎 Reduces pore size
💎 Firms
💎 Reduces visible signs of ageing
💎 Clinically proven to increase cell turn over 
💎 Reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone 
💎 Ingredients driven 

PS- Retinol isn’t something to be scared of 😉 😊 

A lot of people are intimated by retinol, and while I understand why, it can make such a difference to your skin!

Retinol can help to fade scars, improve the appearance of fine lines, and even out your skin tone.  You just need to know how and when to add it to your routine. 

Just ask 💎