But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth working it out. On the contrary, once you know which ingredients are best for which skin condition, you’ll never look back.

The problem is, there is so much conflicting information available about what products to use and what order to use them in, and most of the information contains so much scientific jargon, it’s impossible to understand if the product it’s talking about is right for you and your skin.  Oh, and that’s before we’ve even got down to the ingredients themselves.

No rubbish: Glycolic acid changed my life. 🙌

After years of alternating between product ranges, brushing off flakes caused by over-drying products and piling on pounds of concealer to cover an errant breakout, I was finally able to walk outside without makeup and not feel as self-conscious about my acne-prone skin.

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I would sell my soul for glycolic acid. 💕

See I understand, I have been there and now I’m On to the next chapter, anti-ageing 😢 

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So what is glycolic acid?

Glycolic Acid is arguably the most well known AHA, and when used correctly, it can have impressive results. 
Glycolic acid is an example of an acne-fighting acid. 

This alpha hydroxy acid that’s derived from sugarcane and can help those with frequent breakouts and a number of other skincare concerns.

Salicylic acid is also a huge part of this skincare range! 

From a molecular standpoint, salicylic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in plants that’s part of a family of compounds considered phenolic acids and beta hydroxy acids.  Basically, it’s a gentle chemical exfoliant.

On the skin, those acids break apart cellular connections, causing dead skin cells to slough off. 

Salicylic acid is derived from aspirin has anti-inflammatory benefits, which means it could help reduce skin redness and irritation.
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