So what is the difference between salon shampoo and supermarket shampoo,  besides the obvious price range? 

Firstly, supermarket shampoos have foaming agents in them that are very drying on the hair and make you feel like the product is doing a good job of cleaning.  When really it’s just the detergents in them foaming up. They can leave a silicon build-up, which leaves your hair feeling heavy and lifeless. 

The silicon buildup is what gives your hair the silky soft feeling. But actually, it’s just a coating that the shampoo and conditioner have left over the hair. 

washing your hair

Why this matters

This buildup can then lead to trouble if you one day decide to lighten your hair. 

The silicon buildup can cause a chemical reaction to the lightening product (box dye can also cause the same reaction).

The chemical reaction creates heat which then causes the lightener to act much faster than what’s safe.
This then leads to jelly hair or worse, hair that has become so hot it burns off.  This process can happen in a matter of minutes and is irreversible. 
As hairdressers, we are not trying to push sales when we recommend salon shampoos!! We actually want you to get the best out of your hair and colour and prevent potentially permanent damage.

Why use salon shampoo?

Besides the above obvious reasons to stop using supermarket shampoo, salon shampoos are far more concentrated, meaning you end up using a lot less.  This means you can buy shampoo less frequently.
Salon shampoos also clean your hair and scalp more thoroughly.  Less hair washing and longer lasting colours make salon shampoos the clear winner!

When you buy shampoo from your local salon, not only are you supporting a small local business, you are buying products that are prescribed specifically for your individual hair needs. 

This ensures only the very best to look after your hair and colour!