Hi everyone 👋

I have halted on booking amendments at the moment as, unfortunately once again, we have no idea when we will be back
– 🤦🏼‍♀️ trust me there’s no one more frustrated than we are. 😡 Myself and the girls are missing all your lovely faces!

Bookings will be prioritised, as before, with those who were booked in as we were due to open in January, being first. 

Please bear with me as it’s a strange time for us all but I promise, as always, things will be as ‘normal’ as soon as we are allowed back.

Anyone wishing to be on a priority list please get in touch on 01226 243300.

And those of you ‘booked in already’
Your appointments will be honoured if we open on or before your booked date.

Those of you needing root touch ups and home care please get in touch, as we offer free delivery in S75 and order and collect option.

Zoom facials available, as are telephone consultations for anyone contemplating booking and unsure what’s for you. 

Stay safe, and keep those chins up! 

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel (somewhere)  💎

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