Expert Facial Treatments

Highly advanced anti-ageing skincare treatments powered by breakthrough technology, cutting-edge formulas and unique massage techniques offering revolutionary and visible results. Designed with client well-being as a priority, all Expert Facials feature an opening and closing ritual, specific draining stimulation to the eyes and face and relaxing massage to the face, shoulders and hands.
Expert Facial Treatments

Collagen Plumping Facial (90minutes).
Specifically designed for plumping out lines and wrinkles this is an ideal facial to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin. Using a 100% marine collagen mask it provides an express wrinkle smoothing action whilst restoring skin softness and luminosity.

Advanced Smoothing Expert Facial (90minutes).
This advanced 3 zone facial combats the signs of ageing and offers both a targeted wrinkle action and improved firmness. Using the scientifically proven ‘youth molecule’ together with high tech formulas this facial is able to transform each area of the face with renewed youth. Lines are smoothed, the face appears firmer and the skin looks radiant and healthy. The ultimate wrinkle cure!

Instant Lifting Expert Facial (90minutes).
The ultimate in skin rejuvenation - this ‘highly specialised’ facial draws on Gatineau’s extensive anti-ageing experience and combats all the global signs of ageing. With a sophisticated and precise method this treatment incorporates 3 specific antiageing massages together with the application of Gatineau’s renowned ‘Hormomasque’ to provide deep-acting results. Facial features are lifted, vitality is restored and the signs of fatigue are erased. A truly luxurious experience.

Anti-ageing Premium Expert Facial (90minutes).
The ultimate in skin rejuvenation - this ‘highly specialised’ facial draws on Gatineau’s extensive anti-ageing experience and combats all the global signs of ageing. With a sophisticated and precise drainage massage, puffiness is reduced to restore definition to facial contours. Followed by an application of Gatineau’s renowned ‘Hormomasque’ facial features are lifted, vitality is restored and the signs of fatigue are erased.

Healthy Glow Expert Facial (90minutes).
Regain the radiance and luminosity to your skin with this powerful vitamin-enriched booster facial. Ideal for skin’s that have been exposed to environmental stress and the effects of modern living, this supercharged vitamin enriched treatment rich in anti-oxidants visibly brightens and revives skin texture whilst delivering a surge of moisture leaving it soft and supple.
Essential Facial Treatments

Gatineau’s 60-minute skin solution facials use high-performance. Products and precise movements to give visible results that last. Designed with client well-being as a priority, all our Essential Facials feature a relaxation ritual and a soothing massage to the face, shoulders and hands. (60minutes).

Aquamemory Essential Facial
A ‘skin quenching’ facial designed to deliver intense hydration and boost dull and dehydrated skins.Using powerful ‘Osmarporine technology’ chosen for its effectiveness in replenishing low moisture levels this treatment immediately leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth whilst strengthening the skin’s protective barrier.

Detox & Purify Essential Facial
A clear solution for oily skin. This intense, deep cleansing facial will eliminate dead skin cells that lead to blocked pores, encourage skin oxygenation and improve the appearance of surface imperfections. Using naturally decongesting and soothing ingredients your skin will be left re-balanced and perfectly shine free.

Anti-ageing Essential Facial
A powerful anti-ageing treatment designed to instantly smooth, rejuvenate and plump up the skin. Packed with an advanced anti-oxidant formula, this highly effective facial helps to protect and regenerate skin cells whilst restoring radiance and clarity to the skin.
Flash Treatments

A combination of express signature facials designed to introduce you to the Gatineau Method (30minutes).

Radiance Enhancing Illuminating
To boost, brighten and restore radiance

Instant Lifting Tightening
For a youthful complexion and firmer features

Perfect Skin Deep Cleansing
For unbalanced and congested complexions

Men’s Express Detox
Provides deep cleansing and skin conditioning

Gatineau combines natural ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology to create an advanced range of skincare. Rooted in beauty therapy, Gatineau quality products have been developed alongside a range of beauty treatments and are used by skincare professionals worldwide. Specialising in anti-ageing, our products provide highly visible results for a younger looking you.

Why not add a maintenance treatment to your pampering, such as an eyebrow wax (booking for extra mini treatments is not always necessary).

We can tailor make any facial to suit any client & their needs, book in for a free consultation!
Add On Treatments

Youthful Hands - Add On (15minutes).
The hands are one of the most vulnerable areas prone to premature ageing and as such Gatineau have specifically introduced a targeted treatment designed to combat the harmful effects of day to day life. Combining an intense exfoliation to smooth and re-surface the skin together with a relaxing massage. The hands are finally cocooned with warming capsules to intensively hydrate and soften the skin.

Eye Focus - Add On (15minutes).
A perfect solution to target the delicate eye area. This express treatment is perfect for those concerned with first signs of ageing or with puffiness and dark shadows. Focusing on powerful drainage techniques together with Gatineau’s advanced anti-ageing formulas. The eyes appear bright with vitality restored whilst the skin is regenerated and smooth.
Specialist Facial Therapies

AHA Corrective Facial (30/50minutes).

Advanced AHA cosmeceuticals help restore your skin to its basic health and radiance. Using a powerful combination of lactic acid and essential vitamin antioxidants. This treatment is ideal for dry, sensitive, problem prone and mature acne skin types.

This therapy provides multi-layer skin exfoliating, revitalises dry, mature and sun damaged skin. It also increases epidermal and dermal moisture levels, deeply hydrates and aids in re-texturising the skin, evens out pigmentation, stimulates dermal proteins; collagen and elastin fibres, and minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles
*AHA skin care must be used for 2weeks prior.

*AHA Peel (45minutes) - Also available as a course of 3.

*AHA Mini Peel (25minutes).
This peel is designed to each individual clients needs. It can be adapted to help aid in treating acne, hydration levels within the skin, damaged or sensitive skin types, or as booster to deeply exfoliate all skin types.This peel is also suitable for other areas on the body as well as the face.
*AHA skin care must be used for 2weeks prior.

Ultra Visage Non-surgical Face Lift (45minutes) - Also available as a course of 6 recommended.

This amazing “Non-Surgical Face lift” uses completely safe micro-currents (small amount of current) to lift the face contour by re-programming the muscle fibres.

Impulses pass into the skin and underlying muscles to speed up cellular activity, regeneration and metabolism. When underlying muscles sag, the skin will do the same. Microcurrent can shorten or relax fibres, thereby lifting sagging muscles of the jaw, neck and face, reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles.

Circulation is increased, therefore skin texture and colour are improved and even the condition of scar tissue can be improved.

You will start the see the results after the first treatment but for great results, we recommend 6 treatments, buy 5 get 1 free. Recommended once a week for the first course and then once a month.

Worth it for great result!
Exclusive To Gems...

We can tailor make any facial to suit any client & their needs, book in for a free consultation!

Non-Surgical Face Lift with Collagen or Lifting Mask (60minutes).
This treatment is not only designed to tighten, lift and re-educate your skin and muscle tone, it will also brighten, hydrate, renew and boost your skin leaving you glowing and refreshed. This treatment lifts and tones the muscles in the face and neck whilst softening lines and wrinkles, it also improves the circulation.

It’s safe, painless, extremely effective, helps restore elasticity in ageing skin and helps delay the ageing process over all. Micro-current can shorten / relax the muscle fibres, by lifting sagging areas or the jaw, neck and face reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It is an ideal treatment as a one off booster treatment every 4-6weeks, or as a follow up course to the standard non-surgical facial or GATINEAU facials that we offer.

Speak to your therapist to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Cryoderm ‘ No-Needle Botox/Filler’ Alternative (45minutes) - also available as a course of 6 recommended.

The beauty industry’s highly effective and totally Non-Invasive ‘No-Needle’ Alternative to Facial Injectables.
Ideally you will need 6-8 sessions to achieve maximum results and then follow up with monthly maintenance sessions for a long lasting effect. Before your treatment begins, your therapist will do a thorough consultation and also discuss the treatment with you in full to ensure that it is the right option to suit your needs. During no needle Mesotherapy, the therapist applies serums containing active ingredients to the skin. They then use mild electrical currents to help transport these substances through the protective layers of the skin’s surface and into the different skin cells. Many of the ingredients contained in the serums also exist naturally in the human body – no needle Mesotherapy just provides you with a bit of a top up.

After a treatment you can return to your normal life straight away without any downtime – which is always good to hear.

Gems Deep Exfoliation Facial Therapy (45minutes).
Using advanced facial techniques, mild micro-dermabrasion and extraction methods. This treatment helps open pores and blockages alongside boosting the natural skin cell renewal process.

Gems Non-surgical Cryo’ Facial (90minutes).
Designed with you in mind, this facial lifts, tightens, brightens, exfoliates, plumps out, reduces signs of ageing and hydrates the skin leaving you looking and feeling amazing. Combining micro-current to tighten & re-educate the muscle tone and no needle mesotherapy to fill & plump out, giving you the ultimate boost.